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Article description 

The Gorilla Glue CBD like her THC cousin is highly recognizable by her scent.  A very strong pine scent which will take your nose immediately. This strain is an indoor flower and is manicured close to perfection. The CBD version will give you a strong feeling of relaxation but also a very nice moment of enjoyment thanks to its taste. Those flowers are grown organically and the THC level is reduced by a co2 process only. Because of this you can enjoy a very clean flower and nice effect.

You can of course use those CBD flowers in your favorite vaporizer or you can follow one of the many CBD recipe available online to cook the perfect CBD meal.

Product aspect

You will enjoy compact and tasty buds. Gorilla Glue CBD Flowers has an unusual light green color, which is a very special color that is loved by users. The peaks are medium in size and have some very large buds. The color is very clear, characterized by bright orange pistils, making it even more attractive. Indoor hydroponic cultivation of this plant can produce large amounts of resin: this is why the flowers are so compact.

Product Aroma

These CBD flowers have a rich, rich and fresh aroma, most similar to typical strains rich in THC. It has a soft taste and strong encapsulation; in the aftertaste, you can feel a hint of wood and pine, as well as rich citrus and ripe fruit flavors. It’s definitely worth a try!

Product culture 

Our Gorilla Glue is grown indoor.

Indoor grow is a term used to describe growing marijuana indoors. Our plants are grown in a control environment in various warehouses.

Indoor grow is a more casual way of saying ‘indoor garden’, ‘controlled environment agriculture’, and interior gardening’ etc. Indoor grow is a collective term referring to the plants themselves (a noun), rather than the actual act of growing them. Growing CBD Flowers indoor guarantee the highest quality of flowers possible because it allows our growth expert to yield the maximum potential of our plants. You can see this from the quality of our CBD flowers buds and by their bud full of colorful trichomes.


Keep in its original packaging and in a cool and dry place. Do not expose to sunlight.

Preparation advice 

Our flowers are compact and resinous, so you will have to work them before infusion.

The rest is child’s play: Add a fat like whole milk (coconut, soya…) in boiling water. Put your flower in a tea ball, let it infuse as you wish. Enjoy!

Our CBD flowers can be consumed in many ways

With Odile we always promote a healthy way of using our flowers to gain the beneficial effects of CBD, these are our recommendation:

Vaporizer: at more than 170 degrees.

In infusion: let infuse 10 minutes with a fat (oil, soy milk).

In the kitchen: to integrate in your best recipes.

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